Taizhou International Robotics and Smart Factory Exhibition,Taizhou international Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition will be concurrently held.
On the basis of strong plastic industrial base, bringing together brilliant industrial achievements, exhibiting raw material, products, new technology, new equipment together. In the purpose of promoting plastic, China Plastics Exhibition & Conference, which has been providing high-quality trading platform since 2001.

Don’t worry about the sales volume.
1.We have 52+ Local Buyers Delegations will be from various provinces and cities of China and comprised of associations from different plastic industries.

2.30+Overseas Buyers Delegations will be from various countries,who desire the plastic products.

Don’t worry about the advertisement.
  1. Through the Internet and mobile network,strengthen the promotion, you can get the information about the exhibition in each famous websites.
  1. China PEC’2018 could be the best advertisement to you products around the China. So that you can learn a lot from the exhibition.

Do you feel lost about the future of plastic industries?
1.Internet plus plastic Innovation Development Forum,which can bring the industries together.Thus you can learn more from them.
2.Technology exchanging meeting ,if you are lost about the development of plastic industries, it would help you a lot.

Last of all, come to join us.
Date of Exhibitions: 11th -14th ,Oct 2018
Venue: Taizhou International Convention & Exhibition Center, Taizhou City, Zhejiang, China.
Tel: +86-0576-82531037
Fax: +86-0576-82531017
Contact person: Mr Tiger