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Sales of Sex Doll Robots Continue to Expand Globally

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  • Sales of Sex Doll Robots Continue to Expand Globally

    Robotic doll can move her neck

    Sex dolls are not just a phenomenon in Japan, and the sales of sex-playing robots are expanding globally. About 1.3 million people die each year in Japan, which means that the population is nearly 500,000. Japanese officials said that this is the lowest number of people since records began in 1899. Dr. Kate Devlin, a senior lecturer in social and cultural artificial intelligence at King's College London and a leading expert in the field, warned that sex doll robots may exacerbate the crisis.

    The robotic doll can also move her neck and follow the sound, as well as complete a series of human-like movements, including blinking or nodding. And strangely, the head can even control equipment such as air conditioning or lighting in the home.

    Harmony is just a head that needs to be paired with a sexual doll body and can detect movement and so on. Therefore, the doll knows if it is lying, "shaking" or shaking and can react appropriately. TPE sex doll robots can respond in two languages ​​and expressions, which the company says means "can provide a truly exciting experience in intimate relationships."

    “Most of my sales come from the US and India. It exceeded my expectations. In 12 months, this will change my life. Over £3,000, customers can purchase lifelike porn star replicas, except for silicone sex dolls. Seeing more "aggregation" relationships in 2019, we will obviously continue to see sex dolls. Yes, they won't disappear soon.

    He said: "Sexual dolls have been around for decades, usually seemingly shocking types of inflation, with stupid names. But they may surprise them in 2019. They added: "No longer bothering local dirty sex. The dusty shelves of the store, the sex dolls are mature, with a complete silicone structure, horrifying realistic features and completely clear internal bones, providing a natural range of motion. ”

    Adult stars get a certain percentage from each doll sold. The sex doll company revealed that in Japan alone, there are 2,000 contaminated sex machines sold in 2017 - each retail price of 4,600 pounds. And they are not just women. He said that male models were welcomed by couples who wanted to indulge in "safe threesome."

    “When you see dolls, you will understand why they are so vibrant. They look like what you want. In contrast to the first trend, he claims that we will see the biggest in 2019. One of the trends is that "women continue to be happy and happy in their lives."

    They explained that this trend lasted for decades: the average age of marriage in 1971 was 22.4 years, and in 2018 it was 31 years old. Although curious couples always have a sexy new trend, this year seems to be seeing several old trends coming back, at least according to him.

    The lifestyle company, which specializes in creating intimate and luxurious d cup sex doll, has demonstrated their latest trends in 2019 and has some surprising additions on the list. These include ideas and projects that have existed for decades - such as sex dolls and open relationships. The sex doll salesman said: "This is an amazing feeling.

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