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Development of The Sex Doll Robot Industry

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  • Development of The Sex Doll Robot Industry

    The sex doll robot is like talking to a real girl

    A new documentary aims to give people an amazing understanding of the development of the sex robot industry. “This is encouraging news,” she added. Then, the man sat side by side with the sex doll robot on a bench with a tablet connected to the robot via a wire.

    He told it: "You are like talking to a real girl." He is a 58-year-old engineer who has been married for 36 years and has sex, which will be a small part of the envy of many men. He also has a very understanding wife.

    She said: "The other thing I want to do is G-spot, so you can sit there and play with her and make her feel good. The way I participate is when my husband finishes his Ph.D. I gave him a real doll as a graduation gift. At first I was embarrassed because I spent time with her.

    His wife said she was struggling with other "women" entering James's life, and she was taking care of the sick mother, but now she is used to sharing his bed. She said: "If he really wants him to go out and find someone else, but he has not done so, he is loyal to me."

    He said: "Every man has a perfect girl, this is what I saw when I saw it in the mirror. Most manufacturers make silicone dolls look like 20 years old. For my age This man is a fantasy because I will never become Brad Pitt or something similar.

    When they are not put together, they look terrible. But April is not his wife, she is not an extra marriage. In the trailer for The Sex Robots Are Coming, on Channel 4 on Thursday, an enthusiast sat on a bench and shared a joke with his mechanical companion because he controlled it with an app.

    So far, James has had to rely on his imagination when talking to and interacting with his dolls, but this may be about to change. In San Marcos, Calif., real doll company urdolls and related businesses have been competing to create "sex doll robots" - dolls with artificial intelligence and more "interactive" sexuality.

    About 80% of the manufacturers are female models, and he says that everyone's dolls are different - customers choose body, face, hair color, nail color and makeup and eye color. But the next stage is electronics, and he explained: "We want to take this experience to a whole new level and let them move and talk.

    We are researching robots and artificial intelligence and integrating them into our dolls to make them come back. Now he is saving for a robotic doll worth £8,000. He can smile, talk to him and who will respond to his sexuality.

    His journey of ownership of sex robots will be seen in the documentary. Japanese sex doll robot lovers talk about his love for the new advanced model and even talk to him.

    He fucked sexually with the blonde in April between sheets, and she looked just as a teenager. A staff member is trying to add electronic components to the TPE sex doll vaginal insert, so you hear sounds like 'oooh' and 'ahhh' faster and faster, and then when you roll her down, she will say "Good for you or anything else."

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