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  • Sex Doll Works Through Smartphone App

    Sex doll robot allows to build your own personality

    Real sex doll CEO and creative director called sex robot Harmony. 48-year-old Mullen said: "I have been engaged in sex doll business for more than 20 years. One of the things that customers demand is human contact.

    When they go home, they want to hold hands and hug. Sex dolls work through apps on smartphones or tablets, allowing users to build their own personalities. She will remember the name of your family, your favorite color, food, book or movie.

    ITV's Walker visited Dr. TPE's studio to meet his sex robot. The reason I first focus on the head is that the beauty of the woman is not important, and the man always looks at her face. When I "know" her, this is the first sentence she said to me.

    These dolls start at £5, but can be personalized, starting at £10,000. Samantha is a sex robot. Golden hair and blue eyes may be a little bigger than life in some areas, and she was programmed to skip the talk and be straightforward. Urdolls apparently produces robots with "sexual functions".

    Depending on the user's mood, from sex, family or entertainment, robots have different modes. The doctor thinks that raising one at home will become normal. He married Yingying in April, and the robot clearly recognizes certain images and can say a few simple words. The picture shows that they carry his Yingying everywhere, because the robot can't walk or even move.

    Silicone dolls have an entertainment mode or even a "family" mode. “Family mode basically means that her behavior makes her look like a sex doll. She can tell you jokes, provide health tips and motivation quotes. To be honest, she is very interesting,” he said.

    A man "married" his own sex robot after his parents asked him to settle down, and is now designing models for other lonely men. According to reports, Zheng Jiajia's company apparently produces robots with "sexual functions". The company is named "Internet of Things Science and Technology" and is tailoring dolls for singles.

    The engineer "built and married a sex robot after his parents settled down" and now designs them for lonely men. The slogan of urdolls is "it only takes one square meter, but it can live with you", just like Tailor-made dolls for bachelors

    Maritsa said that when he carried the robot downstairs and she switched to entertainment mode, "she reminded him to do some weight training." The skin looks like life, not as rubbery as you might think.

    “The skin is amazing,” Dr. Cergy said proudly. "You can move her, you can put her hand in many positions. The hand rotates so it's a bit like a real person, you can move your finger."

    I asked her if her creation made women objective. “I think feminists have more important issues to worry about,” he said. "I don't think this doll has any harm. I don't think she is an objective woman. I don't think it's just because my man suddenly has a doll, he will go around and think that a woman is a doll."

    So who buys these Japanese sex doll? "People like to think that these people are lonely, can't build relationships, have social problems - but that's not the case," Dr. Sergi insisted. “You may get married, want to add fun to your sex life, and we have couples and we have a wide range of ages.”

    I am in the basement of a house on the hill outside Barcelona. It is the home of a doctor of sexual technical engineers who says he is creating the first sex robot with artificial intelligence.

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