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Can Sex Dolls Help to Avoid Being Single?

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  • Can Sex Dolls Help to Avoid Being Single?

    Sex dolls become the blessings of people

    It is said that real sex doll robots can enhance the confidence of inexperienced men in lovers and help couples to split the erotic fantasies. The latest sex robot doll is a head that can talk, smile and sing - all under the control of a smartphone.

    Sex dolls have an "amazing beauty" look and can be answered and answered using speech recognition software. According to a new book, lifelike sex dolls can help them avoid being single when preparing relationships, and thus become a blessing to people.

    What they have been doing is developing application control for the robot head, but currently there is only a prototype, it is only Chinese and English, and the United States is their core market. This is the next step in the reality of sex dolls, which is at the forefront of adult technology.

    She said that we are unlikely to see "real sex doll robots" soon because they are too heavy and expensive. But he said that this prototype is the latest step towards "the next layer of very natural realism."

    High-tech robots cost $3,300 to talk to high school people and tell jokes, hoping to make money for lonely men and couples who want to add fun to their sex life. Tracey, a running doll, said: "Silicone dolls have always been a problem in getting real dolls.

    Couples who are already in the relationship may benefit because robots can make people "play fantasy" or "addict" in ways that are not of interest to their partners. They were denied contact with their sexual partners because they did not meet traditional norms (attractiveness).

    They are also committed to facial gestures, narratives and interactions. We can still use sensor pads and electronics for six to seven years - it can take up to ten years before the prototype is built.

    You just don't want a heavy doll full of technology, it's really not a real sex robot - it's too expensive. He said that these sex dolls have many uses, not just sexual gratification. They also say that some men have a large number of Japanese sex dolls that can be dressed and photographed.

    She added: "If you go into your photography, this head is great - the standard silicone head has only one habit, but it gives you the ability to change your expression. They don't think they are the right companion for their peers."

    She said that futuristic technology is at the forefront of sexual technology, but insists that we are decades away from TPE sex doll robots. The urdolls sex doll has been working on robotics since 2013, but we have a history of generations from Terminator-style robots.

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