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High-tech Sex Dolls Bring A Variety of Faces

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  • High-tech Sex Dolls Bring A Variety of Faces

    Sex dolls add spice to your sex life

    The controversial sex doll robot is turning into a sister, the creator of the porn star-style high-tech toy has revealed - she brought a changeable face. I asked her if her creation made women objective. “I think feminists have more important issues to worry about,” Maritsa said.

    I don't think this doll has any harm. I don't think she is an objective woman. I don't think it's just because my man suddenly has a doll, he will go around and think that a woman is a doll.

    A new documentary aims to give people an amazing understanding of the development of the sex robot industry. In the trailer of The Sex Robots Are Coming, an enthusiast sits on a bench and shares a joke with his mechanical companion because he controls it with an app.

    Sex doll's sister revealed new faces and personality at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last night. The technical competition for creative robots not only looks and sounds like humans, but it can also show the range of human emotions and can raise disturbing moral issues.

    Will these dolls continue to target women's images and provide obedient sexual servants for superior men? The urdolls, famous for their silicone-like dolls, have created artificial intelligence (AI) robot heads. “This is an encouraging misogyny,” she added.

    Then, the man sat side by side with the sex robot on a bench with a tablet connected to the robot via wires. He said that when carrying the robot downstairs and she switched to entertainment mode, "she reminded him to do some weight training."

    There are more technological developments in the future, but based on what developers like Dr. Dolls are now thinking about, we may be able to create a robot that walks, talks, and thinks for about 20 years, and we may really fall in love.

    He told it: "You are like talking to a real girl." I have built a torso that can be moved and rotated. I am working hard when we speak. "He fucked sexually between the sheets four times a week and blonde, and she looked just as a teenager.

    Now, he is saving for a $6,000 robotic doll, he can smile, talk to him and who will respond to his sexuality. His journey of ownership of sex robots will be seen in the documentary.

    Oh, my name is Yuko, I love you, a lot! When I "know" her, this is the first sentence she said to me. Yuko is a Japanese doll robot. But not his wife, she is not an extra marriage.

    In a live interview, he said that he is also working hard to develop male sex robots, and they will be ready soon. The skin looks like life, not as rubbery as you might think. Sex robots are equipped with sensors so they can react to touch

    “The skin is amazing,” Dr. Sex Doll said proudly. "You can move her, you can put her hand in many positions. The hand rotates so it's a bit like a real person, you can move your finger." Using the app connected to the head, the user can make a unique conversation by talking to the AI The personality of the AI ​​algorithm handles and remembers the response.

    So who buys these dolls? "People like to think that these people are lonely, can't build relationships, have social problems - but that's not the case," Dr. TPE sex doll insists. “You may get married, want to add fun to your sex life, and we have couples and we have a wide range of ages.”

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