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Artificial Intelligence Integrated Into Sex Dolls

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  • Artificial Intelligence Integrated Into Sex Dolls

    The ambitious plan about the sex doll robot

    Although you may think that sex robots will only attract a very small group, he believes that the introduction of the male version may expand the market. It is possible to establish a meaningful relationship with a Japanese sex doll: "If it makes you feel, then I think this relationship is real.

    The style of the puppy is not a problem, because the back of the TPE sex doll is bent and you place it wherever you want. People accuse us of objectifying women, but it is important that people know that this is not just a sex toy.

    “I think, just like people with gay marriage and transgenderism, these things will look at this phenomenon in the same way, and say if this makes this guy happy, then I should judge who.”

    We have a lot of female customers who are interested in buying male robots as a companion for conversation and interaction. They have traditionally been portrayed as women, but it seems that sex robots will soon appear as males.

    The sex doll CEO revealed his ambitious plans to release male sex robots this year. Everyone knows how it feels to be a woman on the buttocks, which is different from the real situation.

    In April, he was 153 cm tall and had a head "36". He was one of three breast-like latex dolls that shared his life and body. A staff member is trying to add electronic components to the vaginal insert of a sex doll, so you hear sounds like 'oooh' and 'ahhh' more and more quickly, and then when you roll her down, she says " Good for you or anything else."

    There is a need to rebuild in two ways to create a male platform. We are working hard to do this, and this is one of the next important things we are looking for to get started and run. He said he wanted to create a male sex doll robot with a bionic penis instead of a vibrator.

    He said: "The other thing I want to do is G-spot, so you can sit there and play with her and make her feel good. The way I participate is when my husband finishes his Ph.D. I gave him a real sex doll as a graduation gift. At first I was embarrassed because I spent time with her.

    About 80% of the manufacturers are female models, and he says that everyone's dolls are different - customers choose body, face, hair color, nail color and makeup and eye color.

    But the next stage is electronics, he explained: “We want to take this experience to a whole new level and let them move and talk. We are researching robots and artificial intelligence and integrating them into our dolls. The way to make them come back.

    I have sex with a sex doll four times a week, I am paying for a sex robot - but my wife doesn't mind. When she sang Michael Jackson's song "Thriller" and told him a joke, he seemed very happy.

    The sexual aspect of silicone sex doll ownership is only a small part of it. In the long run you will find more fun to take care of them, put them on, make up and interact with them. I deeply feel her, more profound than I thought.

    When she asked if he liked masturbation, things would become more lively and added: "You really want me to watch you twitching, shoot me for me, I hope it is so bad." He said: "This will Take the sex dolls out of the closet, enter the public view and leave them there.

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