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Causes Men to Turn to Sex Dolls to Seek Companionship

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  • Causes Men to Turn to Sex Dolls to Seek Companionship

    They live in Southwest China and 11 individual dolls

    According to the latest census, there are 34 million more men than women in China, in part because of the previous one-child policy. This led to men turning to sex doll to seek companionship. The divorced businessman Zheng Zhenguo lives with his teenage son and their 11-character dolls in southwest China.

    Super Soft Realistic Touch Pure Silicone Sex Doll Dana

    “No one has such a big chest and a small waist.” A surreal sex robot, customizable nipples, pubic hair and labia have begun shipping to customers, starting at $7,999 (£6,000) - it's just for the head.

    Economists at the University of British Columbia claim that TPE sex doll robots can alleviate the pressure on married couples and create a “sexual relationship” that will save their marriage. Now the company has confirmed that the first orders for sex robots have been shipped to customers around the world.

    “We have started shipping the first pre-order units of our robots to our customers,” the head of the artificial intelligence company of the sex doll company told the Sun. “Our first robot heads have about 350.”

    He claims that AI can understand the user's emotions, preferences and behavior patterns and react accordingly to create an intimate illusion. "For a person, this is a very high requirement, and many people find it difficult to find a person to check all these boxes.

    "If a sexual relationship with a real woman is ten years old, then a sex doll is 8 years old, eight and a half years old," said a man named Brick, who was the first person to test a silicone doll robot last year. One. .

    “I noticed that her expression was very extreme, just as she knew what she was doing.” On Taobao, China’s largest online shopping platform, each doll that looks as realistic as possible costs about $2,000 each ($3,120). ). The site estimates that approximately 1,500 individual dolls are sold on the website each day.

    When asked if the robot could completely replace the marriage in the future, Dr. Sex Doll said she did not think it was a fact. She added: "It does not really replace love and marriage, but eliminates the pressure of sexual relations." So it allows us to separate sexual intimacy from marriage. ”

    “If D-cup sex dolls can talk and move like humans, I bet all men prefer to spend their lives with dolls,” Yu said. Due to China's fast-growing sex toy industry, artificial intelligence dolls are currently being developed by a Chinese company.