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Real Sex Doll Version Also Has Simple Memory

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  • Real Sex Doll Version Also Has Simple Memory

    Japanese sex doll is the best solution for singles

    Japanese sex doll are the best solution for singles and husbands. For example, they often travel on business, but they don't want to cheat their wives. Do you want to activate the analysis? Samantha asked. "Yes. Santos replied. Samantha said: "You can hear information about my sensor readings. She counted the sensors and listed their output from 0 to 1,000 (we were told that the best reading should be below 100).

    News tried to call the phone number listed on the "love doll experience" website multiple times, but no one answered or answered our call. Joyce describes her company as a mobile gender social lifestyle club that publicly welcomes the community, but residents say they know exactly who they really are. "It's a sex club with fetishes at night. The parties and parties are weird," he said.

    This is a developing male sex doll story, please check back later for other developments. As a result, men were threatened to fail to comply with these strict fines, and men began to look for alternatives, such as artificial dolls. Because they cannot fertilize, they are safer to use, but still give a strong sexual pleasure.

    160CM D Cup Silicone Japan Sex Doll Realistic

    The premise is a responsive computer system with a sensor-based interface inside the GYNOID sex doll. Version 1 prototyped this interface. There are 11 sensors embedded in some parts of the doll's body (breasts, waist, hands, face, mouth, and of course the vagina). Touching them will trigger voice interaction (groaning when the mouth sensor is triggered). Version 1.1 adds a listening mode that vibrates both the left hand and the vagina.

    It can speak about 6,000 sentences. Santos sold 15 cars; he and his wife built houses in their houses. Version 1.2 (current version) includes motion motors. They are powered by two batteries under the chin next to the microphone. This real sex doll version also has simple memories. Therefore, no matter who it is, as long as a deal is reached, marketing must be "sneak".

    A spokesperson for Love Dolls believes that internships may be ideal for photography students, so several UNUs could be contacted-but the main professor declined to advertise the program. If you think you are the ideal candidate, you can apply here. In addition to all these social issues that have led to increased demand for sex doll in China, one of the main reasons men choose them is to satisfy their sexual desire.